Tools for Technology

Minimize the risk of faults

Regardless of what your machine is designed to do, at TFT we take the longest process step as the point of departure for the machine’s cycling time.

In addition, we take supply and delivery specifications into account: how do you want to deliver the product and how you want it to come out of the machine? Furthermore, we can also perform a fully automated acceptance inspection of semi-manufactured products. Finally, if required, the assembled or machined product is subjected to final inspection. This minimises the risk of faults.

Your enquiry

Everything starts from your enquiry. A process that you want automate, parts that require more cost-effective production methods or components that you want to produce at a continuous level of quality.

We are well-versed in all aspects of automation and solve your challenge efficiently, permanently and cost-effectively. You are intimately familiar with the operating process and its possibilities. Together, we find the best solution.


return on investment

Costs, time and quality

Automating your complete company simply for the sake of automation is not how we work. We analyse which kind of automation reduces your costs, which benefits installing a robot offers and which aspects of the production process are more suitable for manual execution.

Ultimately, the objective is to find the right combination of cost reduction, production time gains, ergonomic improvements and continuous quality in accordance with your priorities.


We do not make everything ourselves: external partners supply parts, control systems and robotics. We are responsible for the complete final product and ensure that all components communicate perfectly with each other.

The same principle applies for each component that we use: the highest quality at the best price. We have a long-standing relationship with many of our suppliers. So we know that we can rely on their products.

Getting acquainted starts with an inspiring conversation

Leave your details via the contact form below or call us on (+31) 493 44 03 99. We would of course also be happy to welcome you at our company in Asten. Get to know TFT and discover our working method!

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