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Welding jig


Each welding jig produced by TFT is poka yoke: all parts are correctly positioned and clamped.

This makes it almost impossible for parts to be inserted incorrectly. In addition, we ensure ample accessibility for robots and human operators. Furthermore, each welding jig is constructed and assembled in such a way that we can easily make corrections or implement modifications after initial trials. This approach reduces waste to a minimum. If required, you can use a single jig for different product types.

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TFT Produces

Welding jig

Welding jigs

The positioning capabilities of our welding jig allows you to carry out the maximum possible number of welding operations without re-clamping the work piece.

After all, re-clamping the work piece is time-consuming and adversely affects accuracy. In addition, our welding jigs can be designed to provide cooling. These jig designs conducts heat more efficiently. In addition, the design ensures that the operator can spot-weld or seam-weld as required, and offers optimum accessibility for welding.

Clamping fixture

Clamping jigs

You can achieve the accuracy you require using our clamping jigs.

We design jigs that prevent deformation and can also design multipurpose clamping jigs. This approach allows machining operations for different products to take place at the same time. Swarf removal, cooling and lubrication facilities for the milling heads can be incorporated in the clamping jig.

Leak test jigs

Leak test jigs

Our leak test jigs are equipped with the right sealing arrangement.

This sealing arrangement can be controlled automatically or manually. Leak testing takes place based on air leakage and the associated computer and software, or with water. This is how we inspect the products and comply with requirements for zero defects.

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