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Multi-spindle machining centre

Minimize the risk of faults

Regardless of what your machine is designed to do, at TFT we take the longest process step as the point of departure for the machine’s cycling time.

In addition, we take supply and delivery specifications into account: how do you want to deliver the product and how you want it to come out of the machine? Furthermore, we can also perform a fully automated acceptance inspection of semi-manufactured products. Finally, if required, the assembled or machined product is subjected to final inspection. This minimises the risk of faults.

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TFT Produces

Machining centres

Machining centres

Machining centres perform multiple machining operations such as milling, drilling, reaming and tapping.

Our machines generate time gains by minimising clamping time, the time required for product changeovers and the time required for tool changes after a machining operation. Detection systems filter reject products out of the production flow.

Leak testing machines

Leak testing machines

We integrate our leak testing machines in production lines or develop them as stand-alone units.

We test for leakage in aluminium castings, plastic parts and other components. Our expertise makes it possible to thoroughly test all products and comply with zero-defect requirements.

Assembly machines

Assembly machines

Our custom-built assembly machines are suitable for your assembly operations.

For example, riveting, screwing and pressing. In addition, we design and produce feed, sorting and conveying systems, robot handling systems and pick-and-place units. We build these machines based on a modular design.

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