Project: CNC processing line with feed and clamping system

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Geelen Counterflow

TFT has developed a robot-controlled CNC machining line for Geelen Counterflow. This line allows unmanned machining of long products such as beams, shafts and U profiles. A clamping and transfer system guides the products through a machining centre.

An operator uses a forklift truck to supply the products. Next, the handling robot picks up the products and places them on the roller conveyor, following which they are guided through the CNC machining centre where the machining operations take place. The automated control system ensures accurate machining without any product length restrictions and also allows the use of a relatively simple machining centre. The payback time is optimal because the customer can run the production process without human operators in attendance.

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  • Technical specifications:
    • Pneumatically activated clamps
    • Automatic opening and closing of the welding station doors
    • Welding torch reaming/cleaning/alignment/calibration system
    • Product detection system
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