Project: Welding station for angle profiles
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Roval Aluminium BV

TFT has developed adjustable welding fixtures for a welding robot that welds a range of angle profiles for trimming roof edges. These jigs have reduced the welding throughput time by more than half. In addition, more than 10 product variants can be automatically welded in the welding station.

An operator selects the angle profile required for welding. Next, two products are positioned on two clamping jigs in the welding station, following which the welding robot tacks the angle profiles and then finish-welds the joints. As the robot welds these two products, the operator positions two new products on the other side of the station. In other words, product loading and welding take place simultaneously. As a result, welding is no longer a bottleneck in the revised production process. In fact, up-line processes, such as cutting and notching, have had to be accelerated in order to keep up with the welding station. Finally, Roval is no longer dependent on the availability of welders and can simply weld the angle profiles in the welding station.

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    • Pneumatically activated clamps
    • Automatic opening and closing of the welding station doors
    • Welding torch reaming/cleaning/alignment/calibration system
    • Product detection system
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