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08 may, 2018
TFT is small enough to react quickly and agilely, but large enough to successfully complete complex projects. Quality is TFT's first priority. TFT likes to contribute its ideas and expertise. Thanks to TFT, we were able to reduce the completion time of a recent project by four weeks. Even though we were still working on the design internally, TFT had already started production engineering and manufacture. This is only possible when you collaborate very intensively with a supplier and have absolute trust in each other. Not a problem when working with TFT.

Manager Tooling and Prototyping

Brink Towing Systems BV

03 march, 2018
TFT performed a feasibility study first to gain approval for the welding optimisation project. After receiving the go-ahead, the professionals at TFT analysed the complex product range and designed an extremely user-friendly welding jig, which minimises change-over times. The new welding robot will help us manage growing demand in future years. Implementation went smoothly thanks to detailed discussions beforehand and pleasant collaboration during the work.

Manager Operations

Roval Aluminium bv

14 january, 2014
TFT has proved itself to be an ideal, highly creative partner by linking product design to our production organisation via production tooling.

Engineer Carseats

Dorel Juvenile

11 december, 2013
TFT proved its capabilities as a reliable partner in a recent major project for Auping. The collaboration progressed smoothly in all aspects and TFT focused continually on finding solutions. They are accomplished professionals in their chosen area of expertise.

Strategic buyer

Koninklijke Auping bv

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